Asper moved from T1 youth to mainstream

Club T1 has made an unusual decision. Youth squad member Kim 'Asper' Tei-gi moved to the main League of Legends squad. He has been on the T1 Challengers roster for 360 days.

Asper's career started in 2018 under the Hanwha Life Esports tag. As part of this team, the player managed to achieve minor successes. His main achievement there was the 6th place taken at LCK Summer 2018, for which he and the team received $ 8,900. Then Asper's career continued with Team Spear, where he finished 3rd in CK Spring 2020 and earned $ 8,875. He later joined the ranks of Gen.G Esports and a month later was transferred to Gen.G Academy. Having achieved almost nothing here or there, the player was sold to T1 on December 8 last year in order to join the youth roster in League of Legends. Over the past year, the esportsman showed good results and even won the LCK CL Spring 2021, where the team earned $ 26,760. During his career, the Korean support earned $ 26,750.

In T1 Challengers, after the departure of Mireu, Mowgli and Berserker, only Roach and Asper remained. It was decided by T1's management that Kim 'Asper' Tei-gi was worthy to join the main roster. Now only Kim 'Roach' Kang-hyu remains on the youth roster, and his future fate will be known in the near future. It is possible that the T1 Challengers will be completely disbanded.

Updated T1 roster:

T1 Challengers roster: