DRX announces the departure of Museong

Official information about the personnel reshuffle has appeared on the Twitter account of Korizon Esports. According to sources from Korizon, the team's coach, Kim 'Museong' Mu-seong, is no longer an active roster member, but an ex-club representative who went down in DRX history.

Museong joined the team on October 9, 2019 and has done a great job with the lineup. A month later, cvMax came and took over as head coach, and therefore the role of Kim Mu-seong was not as significant as he might have liked. Nonetheless, he contributed to the relatively successful performance at the 2020 World Championship. There the team took 5-8 places and earned a cash prize of $ 100,125. After that, the list of solid DRX achievements stopped growing. The team's lot was the 7th-8th place in the KeSPA Cup 2020 ($ 4,605), and then it only got worse - the 5th line in the LCK Spring 2021 standings and 10th place in the LCK Summer 2021.

The club's management hopes that with the departure of the coach and the possible arrival of other people, the team will be able to freshen up and play in a new way.

The DRX roster looks like this: