Aiming returns to KT Rolster

KT Rolster have announced their return to Aiming with a two-year deal with the player. Recall that the 21-year-old Korean player played for the team in the 2020 season.

Aiming returns to KT Rolster after a year at Bilibili Gaming. During this time, the player failed to show himself in the new team, taking 11th place in the LPL Spring 2021, and also taking only 7-8th place at LPL Summer 2021.

KT Rolster finished seventh at both LCK Spring 2021 and LCK Summer 2021. Hoping to turn around a disappointing year, the team has already parted ways with five players including Ucal, Zzus, Blank, Dove and Doran. At the same time, the team has already announced the signing of a contract with Cuzz, who previously played for T1.

The current roster of KT Rolster is as follows: