Cuzz joined KT Rolster

Cuzz has officially joined KT Rolster. Most recently, the 22-year-old Korean player said goodbye to the T1 squad.

Cuzz first entered the professional scene in 2017, joining Longzhu Gaming. Together with the team, the 22-year-old became the winner of LCK Summer 2017, and also reached the quarterfinals of the 2017 World Championship. Cuzz started the next season in DRX, in which he managed to win LCK Spring 2018 and Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS. In addition, the 22-year-old Korean player took silver at the Mid-Season Invitational 2018 and LCK Regional Finals 2019.

In early 2020, Cuzz moved up to join T1. However, the team did not manage to find stability in their results, being remembered only for the victory in the LCK Spring 2020. As a result, after the disappointing ending of the 2021 season, Cuzz decided to leave the team.

In turn, KT Rolster started a global restructuring of their lineup, at the moment parted ways with Ucal, Zzus, Blank, Dove and Doran.

The current roster of KT Rolster is as follows: