Hearthstone Shakes the Meta: Duels Game Mode Set to Depart in April 2024, Leaving Players Eager for the Final Runs and Anticipating the Impact on Arena Treasures!

Hearthstone has recently revealed that the Duels game mode is set to be discontinued by April 2024. The discontinuation means no further updates or seasons will be introduced for Duels until its eventual removal from the Hearthstone client in a few months.

Introduced on November 17, 2020, alongside the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, Duels allowed players to draft a Hero, choose a unique Hero Power, and construct a 16-card deck with a mix of 15 different cards and one exclusive Treasure. The game mode, despite receiving regular updates for over three years, has remained in beta status.

The departure of Duels from its beta phase was announced in a recent blog post, citing the game mode's discontinuation in April. While the exact removal date hasn't been disclosed, players are advised to complete their active Duels runs before the impending closure.


Even with Duels leaving, certain aspects of the game mode will be preserved in Hearthstone's Arena format. The press release mentions that some Duels Treasures will make an appearance in the upcoming Arena season, with more specific details expected closer to the next Arena season.

Hearthstone has experienced significant changes recently, with the Mercenaries mode entering maintenance mode in February 2023 after a final major update. However, players can still access Mercenaries as a primarily PvE mode, unlike Duels, which is being entirely removed due to the considerable effort required for its maintenance. The scaling back of the esports program in the previous year has also raised concerns among fans about the game's competitive future.

Despite these alterations, Hearthstone remains resilient and aims to redirect saved resources from discontinuing Duels into enhancing other game modes. The introduction of a co-op Duos mode in Battlegrounds is in the works, scheduled for a forthcoming Battlegrounds patch later this year. Additionally, the announcement of the next Standard year and a new expansion is expected within the next month or two. As Hearthstone marks its 10-year anniversary in 2024, it appears that, despite the loss of Duels, the collectible card game is far from finished.