Hearthstone's New Expansion: Perils in Paradise Introduces Revolutionary Tourist Keyword

Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Perils in Paradise, will introduce the groundbreaking Tourist keyword, allowing players to incorporate cards from a second class into their decks during deckbuilding. This exciting mechanic debuts with the Perils in Paradise card set, releasing on July 23.

Perils in Paradise marks the second set of Hearthstone's Year of the Pegasus, themed around an Azerothian summer vacation at The Marin, a new resort created by the rogue from the Kobolds and Catacombs set of 2017.

Introducing the Tourist Keyword

The Tourist keyword appears on a Legendary card in each Hearthstone class. By adding a Tourist card to their decks, players gain access to all Perils in Paradise cards from a second specified class, excluding their Tourist card. These Tourist minions also feature powerful effects that synergize with both their original and Tourist classes, adding a new layer of strategy to the game.

Tourist Class Pairings

Here's a look at the Tourist class pairings:

So far, only two Tourist cards have been revealed: Sunsapper Lynessa for Paladin and Buttons for Death Knight. Sunsapper Lynessa, a Rogue Tourist, double casts spells costing two or less mana. Buttons, a Shaman Tourist, draws a spell from every spell school when played. More Tourist cards will be unveiled as each class’s card set is revealed over the next month.

Additional Perils in Paradise Features

Perils in Paradise also includes six drink-themed spells that can be cast three times each and six Location cards that can reopen early if certain conditions are met. The expansion will feature a total of 145 new cards available on July 23. Players can get the Marin the Manager Legendary card for free right now by logging into Hearthstone.

Other Hearthstone Updates

In addition to the expansion, several updates are coming to Hearthstone to keep the game lively. Buddies have returned to the Battlegrounds game mode, and Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater are back in the Core set until the next expansion. The Midsummer Fire Festival returns on June 25, offering six free packs and the V-07-TR-0N Rogue skin. Additionally, nine new decks will be added to Hearthstone’s Whizbang’s Heroes Twist format in July.

With these exciting updates and the Perils in Paradise expansion, Hearthstone players have much to look forward to this summer.