Hearthstone Unveils Exciting Plans for the Year of the Pegasus, Featuring Core Set Revamp and Whizbang’s Workshop Expansion!

Hearthstone is set for an exhilarating Year of the Pegasus, marking its 10th year with a burst of celebrations, gifts, a refreshed Core set, and the introduction of three new expansions throughout 2024. The first of these expansions, titled Whizbang’s Workshop, showcases the whimsical world of the master toymaker Whizbang with a 145-card set. The expansion introduces the innovative Miniaturize keyword, adding a one-cost 1/1 copy of the minion when played. Whizbang’s Workshop is scheduled for release on March 19, with pre-purchase options available for a standard and Mega Bundle.

Key Events in the Hearthstone Year of the Pegasus:

The new Hearthstone Core set, introduced in celebration of the game’s decade-long journey, welcomes back classic cards like Leeroy Jenkins, Fiery War Axe, and Justicar Trueheart. The Wrath of Air Totem, which was removed from the Shaman’s Hero Power a few years ago, is making a comeback in the rotation. Additionally, the Elusive keyword joins the game, making minions impervious to spells or Hero Powers, a feature reminiscent of cards like Evasive Wyrm.

The revamped Core set also includes four new cards inspired by Warcraft Rumble, a mobile game by Blizzard. Fans will recognize Gnomelia, S.A.F.E. Pilot, Warsong Grunt, Night Elf Huntress, and Footman, each with abilities inspired by their Warcraft Rumble Minis.

Players can log in now to receive Colifero the Artist, a free Legendary card that draws a minion and transforms the board into copies of it. Hearthstone enthusiasts who pre-purchase Whizbang’s Workshop will also enjoy the Corridor Sleeper Epic card for immediate use. The Year of the Pegasus promises a thrilling adventure, and Hearthstone is gearing up for an unforgettable 10th-anniversary celebration.