Halo Championship Series 2021: Kickoff Major Nearing End

Halo Championship Series 2021: The Kickoff Major draws to a close, while eight teams remain in the fight for the right to become the winner of the first Major in the discipline. According to the results of the first part of the playoff stage, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Spacestation, Sentinels, OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, KC Pioneers and eUnited are fighting for the right to earn $ 100,000.

OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, KC Pioneers and eUnited continue to fight in the upper bracket of the playoffs. OpTic Gaming started their way to the playoffs with victories over Sentinels (3: 0) and FaZe Clan (3: 1). In turn, Cloud9 and KC Pioneers beat Team WaR (3: 0) and Quadrant (3: 1), as well as Built By Gamers (3: 0) and Acend (3: 0), respectively. At the same time, eUnited was stronger than Mock-It Esports (3: 0) and Spacestation (3: 0).

Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Spacestation and Sentinels are fighting for survival in the lower bracket of the championship. These teams have no room for error, leaving only one chance to advance to the grand final of Halo Championship Series 2021: Kickoff Major.

Recall that following the start of the playoffs of Halo Championship Series 2021: Kickoff Major, the following teams left the championship: FootFungas792, Bing Chilling, Solaris, VANDYL, BLVKHVND, Divine Mind, Falling Esports, The Boys, Gamers First, XSET, Oxygen Esports, Chiefs Esports Club, Aspyre Entertainment, ExiLe Gaming, Mock-It Esports, WarZ, Unsigned Talent, Status Quo, Built By Gamers, The Guard, Quadrant, G2 Esports, Team WaR, and Acend.