Halo Champions Series 2021: Kickoff Major - OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Cloud9 and other favorites of the first group stage

The first day of the game has come to an end at the largest Halo Infinite tournament in December. Looking at the results of the debut matches at the Halo Champions Series 2021: Kickoff Major.

Results of the first matches of Halo Champions Series 2021: Kickoff Major

5 matches were played in group A. You can see their results below:

After the first day in Group A, OpTic Gaming and Kansas City Pioneers are leading with a 2-0 statistics. Chiefs Esports Club is at # 3, and Bing Chilling is at last.

Group B also played 5 matches. The results of these confrontations:

The first place is shared by FaZe Clan and G2 Esports with 2 wins each. NaVi is in 3rd place, and Divine Mind close the table.

In group C, according to the classics, 5 meetings took place. Here's how the teams played:

So far, Quadrant and eUnited are in the lead, winning 2 matches each. Oxygen is on line 3, and The Boys are content with the last line.

In Group C, after 5 matches, things are interesting. The results of the confrontations look like this:

Cloud9 took the single-strong lead, winning 2 matches out of 2. Acend is on the 2nd line with 1 victory and 1 loss, followed by Spacestation Gaming with 2 losses in 3 matches, and the last Xset, who won 1 game and lost 2 remaining.

The end of the group stage of Halo Champions Series 2021: Kickoff Major will take place today. The matches of the second game day will start in an hour.