Winstrike opens APEX Legends division

Winstrike representatives said they have signed contracts with the APEX Legends roster. Note that the eSports club will be represented at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, with a prize pool of $ 500,000.

Opening remarks by Peter "desertuk" Myagkov:

"When I tried new disciplines for myself after CS: GO, I learned about an organization like Winstrike, it took under its wing players of various levels, like people whose name was known all over the world, and those who were just starting their careers. Every step, new staff, new partner attracted my interest in this organization. Despite the fact that this organization is very young against the background of the “oldies,” it got into the top with its actions and shows everyone a decent level of competition. A couple of years ago, play for such organization were just dreams, and today - I'm a Winstrike Player