Astralis and Origen will move to another organization.

Representatives of the organization reported that they found a buyer who will acquire all of the shares of CS: GO-Astralis and the team Origen League of Legends. They will form a new company Astralis Group ApS. The only thing we know about the buyer is that they are some kind of business leaders and persons involved in the world of professional sports.

The Danish edition of TV 2 SPORT, citing its sources, reported that the amount of the transaction will be from € 10,000,000 to € 15,000,000. RFRSH representatives did not comment on this information.

Together with Astralis and Origen, RFRSH Entertainment has left several executives who will continue their career with Astralis Group ApS. For example, the head of the new organization will be the ex-CEO of RFRSH, Nikolaj Nyholm, and the vice president of communications - Steen Laursen, who worked in the same organization with Nikolaj Nyholm.

The decision to separate RFRSH Entertainment with their cyberspace teams is due to the success of the BLAST Pro Series tournaments. The management wants to focus their attention on them.