XDefiant's Frame Rate Issue on PS5: Fixes on the Horizon

Mark Rubin, executive producer of XDefiant, has detailed plans to address frame rate issues plaguing the PlayStation 5 version of the game. Despite a successful launch in May, some players have continued to report significant frame rate spikes, but Rubin assures that a resolution is imminent.

Successful Launch with Lingering Issues

XDefiant marketed itself as a serious competitor to Call of Duty, capturing the attention of FPS enthusiasts with its fast-paced gameplay. However, post-launch, several issues emerged, necessitating attention from Ubisoft San Francisco to ensure the game's longevity. Frame rate issues are a significant concern, even as the recent Season 1 update made strides in improving the game.

Patch Updates and Future Fixes


Mark Rubin announced on Twitter that a quick patch has been released for the PS5 version, aimed at reducing frame rate spikes for players running the game at 60Hz. This patch is exclusive to the PS5, as players on this platform cannot adjust their XDefiant settings like PC players can.

Rubin acknowledged that the issue isn't fully resolved and that frame spikes might still occur. However, he confirmed that a comprehensive fix for both 60Hz and 120Hz players on PS5 is expected next week, pending successful testing and certification.

Ongoing Improvements and Community Engagement

Despite these technical challenges, Ubisoft San Francisco has been proactive in addressing player concerns and adding new content. Season 1 introduced new game modes, weapons, maps, and a new faction, showcasing the developers' commitment to enhancing the player experience. With Mark Rubin actively responding to feedback, it's clear that the community's voice is being heard, ensuring XDefiant remains a strong contender in the FPS genre for the foreseeable future.