Fallout: London Mod Nears Completion – Exciting New Adventure Awaits PC Players!

The massive standalone Fallout 4 mod, Fallout: London, is reportedly nearing completion and should be available soon, according to a recent message from its developer. Fallout 4 and other games in the series have seen a surge in popularity over the past few months, and the prospect of a new playable story in the post-apocalyptic world has excited many fans.

In development since 2019, Fallout: London will be more than just an add-on mod for Fallout 4. It maps an entirely new region in London, which the development team, FOLON, promises to be roughly the same size as the original game's map. A playable demo of Fallout: London was released nearly two years ago, and the developer has also been showcasing its work with more than a dozen Fallout 4 mods, including weapons and suits of armor, all of which are planned for use in Fallout: London.

The standalone mod was originally planned for release on April 23, but it was delayed after the announcement of the Fallout 4 next-gen update, which was set to release just two days after Fallout: London. Game updates can interfere with previously-built mods. On July 6, the mod's developers posted a message on Reddit stating that the team has sent multiple builds to the distribution platform GOG and is now just "waiting for the final green light." Once GOG finishes checking to ensure the mod and its installer work properly, the developer says it should be "good to go," suggesting a new release date will be announced soon.

Fallout: London Will Launch Exclusively on PC


While the news of Fallout: London's imminent release is exciting, console players will not be able to access it. This disappointing news for console gamers came shortly after the original launch date was postponed. Project lead Dean Carter stated in April that the mod's file size, around 30 to 40 gigabytes, made it too large to be supported by even current-gen PlayStation or Xbox consoles. The large file size also necessitated sending the game to GOG, as it was too big to be supported by Nexus Mods, the platform the developer has been using to share its weapons and outfits.

Despite this setback, those who can access the new Fallout adventure are in for a treat. Not only will the mod feature an entirely new setting and story, but the team has also attracted Baldur's Gate 3 voice actor Neil Newbon, beloved for his role as the vampire rogue Astarion, to lend his talents to the vocal cast.