Exciting Genshin Impact 4.8 Leak: New Five-Star Character Emilie and Her Signature Weapon Revealed!

A recent Genshin Impact leak has provided details about the signature weapon for Emilie, a rumored upcoming five-star character expected in update 4.8. The game continues to expand its roster with each update, as highlighted by the latest Special Program event which introduced three new characters: Clorinde, Sigewinne, and Sethos.

In the first banner of the update, Clorinde and Sethos will join the five-star Dendro user Alhaitham, while Sigewinne and Furina will appear in the second half of the update. It’s a tradition in Genshin Impact for five-star characters to have signature weapons that enhance their specific playstyles.

Ahead of their official release, leaks have surfaced about Emilie, slated to join the game in Version 4.8. Speculation suggests Emilie will be a five-star polearm user. A recent post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit shed light on her expected signature weapon:


This leak supports the theory that Emilie will serve as a sub-DPS character focusing on the Burning reaction, which combines Pyro and Dendro elements to deal area-of-effect Pyro damage over time. Despite being the only Dendro reaction since the game’s inception, few characters are designed around this effect.

Expectations for Version 4.8

Version 4.8 is anticipated to be the final update before the debut of the Natlan region in Version 5.0, expected around late August or early September. Previous updates leading to new regions have typically included a Summer event, suggesting that a similar approach may be taken this year.

There is also speculation about an early appearance of a Natlan character, akin to how Charlotte was introduced before the launch of Fontaine. Among the speculated characters, the Pyro Archon Murata and a character named Xbalanque have been frequently mentioned by leakers as potential introductions to the Natlan region.