Fallout 76 Player Captures Breathtaking 'Oppenheimer Moment' of Nuclear Detonation

A Fallout 76 player recently witnessed an astonishing view of a nuclear bomb detonation, which was both awe-inspiring and imposing. They chose to share their experience online, captivating many other Fallout 76 fans.

Although nukes are the reason the Fallout universe is in a post-apocalyptic state, the series has never shied away from allowing players to use them. Bethesda's live-service RPG continues this tradition, as launching nukes has been a significant part of the Fallout 76 endgame since its controversial debut in 2018.

Fallout 76 Impresses Fan With 'Oppenheimer Moment'

While inherently destructive, these detonations can also be mesmerizing. Reddit user HemingwayBells21121 can attest to that, having recently found themselves unable to look away from an "Oppenheimer moment" as a nuke detonated near the headquarters of Fallout 76's Foundation faction. They arrived just in time to witness the bomb hitting the ground and creating a massive mushroom cloud that dispersed into the air. Despite playing since before the Wastelanders update in spring 2020, this was the first time the player had seen such a moment of impact, as they usually only witnessed the aftermath.


The game itself incentivizes players to experience a nuclear bomb detonation up close at least once. One of the many Fallout 76 achievements, Ground Zero, is awarded for dying to a nuke. Achieving this trophy requires players to effectively headbutt a nuke, as merely being at ground zero is not enough. According to Valve's data, only 3.7% of Steam users have unlocked this achievement as of mid-2024, five and a half years since the RPG's release.

HemingwayBells21121's footage impressed thousands of fans, who voted to send it to the front page of the series' largest subreddit in late May. The bomb itself appeared to be aimed at the Whitespring Resort, once one of the most popular nuke targets in all of Fallout 76. Nuking it triggered infinite Glowing Ghoul spawns, providing an excellent way to farm XP and rare crafting materials such as Hardened and Glowing Mass.

Bethesda eventually removed these infinite spawns, leading to a decrease in nukes targeting the Whitespring Resort. Nowadays, players mostly nuke areas to trigger special events in places like Fissure Site Prime and the Monongah Mine. The upcoming Skyline Valley update will introduce another nuke-dependent activity when it releases in June 2024.