George Miller Envisions Hideo Kojima Leading a New Mad Max Game Development

Director George Miller has expressed his desire for renowned game developer Hideo Kojima to helm the creation of a new video game set in the Mad Max universe. Despite the franchise's rich potential for game adaptations, the Mad Max series has been largely absent from the gaming world for years. A game led by Kojima, as envisioned by Miller, would likely generate significant excitement among fans.

Since its inception in the late 1970s, the Mad Max series has become a cultural icon. George Miller's Australian post-apocalyptic saga has influenced several games, such as id Software's Rage, yet there have been few officially licensed Mad Max games over the past four decades. The first Mad Max game debuted in 1990 as an action title for the NES. It wasn't until 2015 that another game based on the series emerged, developed by Avalanche Studios. Nearly nine years have passed since then, and Miller is eager to see his dystopian world return to gaming, ideally under Kojima's direction.

In an interview with GAMINGBible, Miller shared his preference for Hideo Kojima as the designer for a new Mad Max game. He reflected on the 2015 adaptation, noting that it "wasn't as good as wanted it to be." Miller emphasized his commitment to excellence, stating he would "rather not do something unless can do it at the highest level." He believes that a visionary like Kojima would be the perfect fit for creating a Mad Max game. However, Miller acknowledged that Kojima has his hands full with other projects and would never impose such a request on him.


Miller's critical view of the Avalanche Studios' adaptation is surprising to some, as the open-world Mad Max game is often considered underrated. Nevertheless, it received mixed reviews from critics upon its release.

Unfortunately, a Kojima-developed Mad Max game is unlikely to materialize anytime soon. Kojima is currently occupied with three major projects: a sequel to Death Stranding, a horror game titled OD in collaboration with Jordan Peele and Xbox, and a new PlayStation-published IP named Physint. If Kojima ever does take on a Mad Max game, it would likely be over a decade before its release, disappointing many fans of the franchise.