Unraveling the Mystery of John the Baptizing Madman in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is rich with Easter eggs and mysteries, captivating players even many years post-release. Among these is an intriguing Easter egg involving an NPC named John the Baptizing Madman, who hints at a deeper understanding of the game's world and the player’s role in it.

Who is John the Baptizing Madman?

John the Baptizing Madman, an NPC found in multiple locations across the game, is a reference to John the Baptist from Abrahamic religions. Like his namesake, John is on the verge of a significant revelation about his and Arthur’s reality. Despite appearing to be just another colorful NPC, John is unique in his near-awareness of the nature of his existence.

John can be found in four locations, each by a river, referencing immersion baptism:

John's Cryptic Dialogue

When approached, John speaks cryptically about seeking a message from his creator, expressing frustration at the lack of answers. His dialogue includes phrases like, “he won’t send me the message, he won’t,” suggesting a struggle with his faith and existence. However, there’s a deeper interpretation: John is unknowingly close to realizing that his reality is a video game. His references to “they” and “him” could be interpreted as allusions to Rockstar and its developers.

In one notable interaction, John asks Arthur, “are you the signal?” Arthur’s confused response, “uh, I don’t think so,” prompts John to reply, “how do you know?” This exchange hints at Arthur’s and John’s roles in the game’s universe, with Arthur being a conduit through which the player experiences the world.

Arthur as the Messiah?

John’s laments, “I asked for a message and he gave me the whole world,” refer to the game’s vast landscape as a clue to its purpose. The inconsistencies in the game’s world, from its size to its alternate history, suggest intelligent design meant for player exploration. John’s recognition of other characters as NPCs, with the line “all these people, and none of them quite right,” highlights the limited scripts of NPCs, designed to create the illusion of life for the player.

Despite John’s near-awareness, he doesn’t fully grasp the truth of his reality. If killed, John mysteriously respawns at another location, possibly indicating his budding self-awareness as an NPC or simply a game mechanic oversight.

Future Implications

Rockstar’s games, known for their strange religious references like GTA’s Epsilon Cult, might feature similar characters in future titles. John the Baptizing Madman could be a precursor to an NPC who fully understands their universe’s creation, or perhaps the figure he awaits is the player themselves.


John the Baptizing Madman remains one of the most enigmatic NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2. His dialogue and behavior suggest a deeper connection to the game’s world and the player’s role within it, making him a fascinating character for players to discover and interpret.