Shock and Disappointment: The Outlast Trials Faces Unexpected Ban in Saudi Arabia

Following its eagerly awaited launch, The Outlast Trials has been officially prohibited in Saudi Arabia. This latest chapter in the acclaimed Outlast series was set to deliver unprecedented levels of terror, yet, gamers within the Saudi Arabian territory find themselves unable to engage with it.

The original Outlast game, introduced in 2013, marked a riveting addition to the horror game genre. Subsequent titles, Outlast: Whistleblower and Outlast 2, escalated the series' reputation for delivering intense survival horror experiences. The announcement of The Outlast Trials, coming on the heels of Outlast 2's 2017 release, was met with considerable excitement. This installment not only promised to continue the series but also introduced a multiplayer component for the first time, adding a fresh dynamic to the Outlast saga and heightening anticipation among its fanbase.

Regrettably, the game's prospective audience in Saudi Arabia finds themselves cut off from The Outlast Trials following an unexpected prohibition. This sudden restriction has left Saudi players devoid of the opportunity to delve into the game's frights.

The Outlast Trials Prohibition in Saudi Arabia


Reports from the region indicate that The Outlast Trials cannot be accessed by players in Saudi Arabia. Those impacted by the ban have reportedly received refunds for their game purchases. The official communication to players did not clearly state the reasons behind the game's prohibition. Given the Outlast series' reputation for inducing fear and its graphic content, these aspects might have influenced the decision to ban the game in the region. Outlast's blend of lore and survival challenges has solidified its position as one of the most exhilarating horror series in recent years, suggesting that the ban might be seen as a necessary measure by local authorities.

As one of the most awaited horror titles of 2024, The Outlast Trials promises to offer a high level of fright. Nonetheless, the exact rationale for its ban remains unclear. The abrupt nature of this action is regrettable, particularly for the many fans eager to explore this horror adventure. Whether an explanation for the ban will be provided in the future is uncertain, but it is hoped that fans in the region will find other engaging horror titles to enjoy in the meantime.