Breaking Boundaries: Baldur's Gate 3 Player Discovers Secret Character Creation Zone

A player of Baldur's Gate 3 encountered an unusual glitch that allowed them to explore beyond the confines of the game's designed map. Despite Larian Studios' efforts to patch and improve the game post-launch by fixing bugs and glitches identified by the community, players continue to stumble upon new issues during their gameplay.

In recent times, a slew of bugs and glitches have been reported by the Baldur's Gate 3 community. These range from glitches that disrupt the gameplay experience to those that offer players unintended advantages. Examples include a glitch that enabled players to endlessly sell an item to a merchant for infinite money, and another that obstructed players from saving their progress. Additionally, following the release of Patch 6, some players encountered a visual glitch.

A peculiar glitch was recently discovered by a player, known on Reddit as Secret-Outside-4605, which unexpectedly ejected them from the playable area and corrupted their save file. Intriguingly, through this glitch, the player observed that the game’s character customization space exists within the game's world, near the Astral Plane—a key location in the storyline where players interact with the Dream Visitor.


Secret-Outside-4605 revealed that the Underdark region of the game, contrary to expectation, does not lie beneath the surface. This glitch rendered their character invisible and incapable of any interaction, and it also corrupted their save file in honour mode. Fortunately, this occurred at the beginning of their game.

The discovery that the character creation phase of Baldur's Gate 3 takes place in an actual in-game location near the Astral Plane aligns with the narrative that players craft their Guardian in this space. Exploring this inaccessible area would offer a unique glimpse into the game's architectural elements. The revelation that the Underdark isn't located underground as traditionally thought adds to the intrigue. During character creation, players tailor their character's appearance, race, background, and other features. They also create a custom companion known as the Guardian, who, despite limited screen presence, plays a crucial role in advising on the repercussions of utilizing Illithid powers.