Meet Robin: The New Five-Star Harmony Support Unveiled for Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2

A recent leak has unveiled extensive information about Robin, an upcoming five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, ahead of the game's Version 2.2 update. HoYoverse has already teased fans with Robin's splash art and character details on the game's social media, a standard practice for introducing new characters.

Version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail will not only feature Robin but another five-star character, Boothill, hinting at a rich update spread across two banner cycles for player engagement.

Robin is highlighted as a Physical user aligned with the Harmony path, hinting at her role as a support unit capable of enhancing the team's performance with various buffs. Introduced during the Special Program for update 1.6, Robin made her narrative debut in Version 2.0. She is characterized as a renowned Halovian singer from the Plant of Festivities. Further details on Robin’s abilities were shared on the Honkai: Star Rail Leaks subreddit, showcasing her full combat capabilities, including her Skill, Ultimate, and Talents.


Robin’s Combat Abilities:

Robin’s combat strategy seems centered around her Ultimate ability, with her Basic Attack and Skill serving more foundational roles. Her Skill, named Pinion's Aria, boosts all allies' damage output by 50% for a specified duration. Her Basic Attack inflicts Physical damage on a single target, calculated at 100% of her ATK.

The Ultimate, Vox Harmonique, transitions Robin into a Concerto state, augmenting her allies' ATK by 22.8% plus an additional 200 based on Robin's ATK. Following any ally's attack, Robin contributes extra Physical damage, calculated at 120% of her ATK, with a guaranteed CRIT Rate of 100% and a CRIT Damage cap of 150%. Immunity to Crowd Control effects and a pause in her turn-taking until the Ultimate concludes, position her as a potent off-field support.

Robin’s Talents further enhance her support capabilities by boosting allies' CRIT damage by 20% and regenerating 2 Energy points with each party member's attack on an enemy. Another Talent, Sequential Passage, triggers HP restoration for Robin when her health falls below 50%.

While Robin's exact arrival date remains unannounced, Honkai: Star Rail’s update cadence suggests that Version 2.2, and likely Robin's introduction, could occur around May 7.