Honkai: Star Rail Update: Boothill and New Characters Leaked for Version 2.2

The upcoming Honkai: Star Rail update, version 2.2, is already generating excitement with leaks hinting at new character releases and significant developments. Among the buzz, Boothill has captured attention with leaked details suggesting a potent physical damage kit. Following a promotional campaign, he's been unveiled as the latest five-star character, poised to debut alongside Robin in early May.

Upcoming Character Releases and Events

Boothill and Robin, despite speculation, will not be part of version 2.1, as the roster for the current version is already set. The game plans to enrich the player experience with two event-exclusive banners, "Words of Yore" and "Laic Pursuit," where players can utilize Special Rail Passes to access characters like Acheron, Gallagher, and reruns of Pela and Luocha. Additionally, Dan Heng, a beloved Wind character, is making a comeback, aligning with the game's pattern of updates and character introductions scheduled for March 27.

Boothill's Leaked Abilities

A reliable source within the Honkai: Star Rail community, HomDGCat, has shed light on Boothill's capabilities. His kit includes a unique Technique targeting the enemy with the lowest HP, enhancing his Toughness DMG through the "Reforged" stack. His Ultimate skill inflicts Physical Weakness on foes, coupled with a Crit DMG boost from one of his traces. Central to Boothill's arsenal is the ability to mark a target for duels, allowing him to enter a combat state with enhanced basic attacks and reduced damage from non-marked enemies. It's important to note, however, that Boothill's final kit may undergo changes before his official release.


More New Faces in Version 2.2

Boothill and Robin are just part of the exciting additions in version 2.2. Robin, another anticipated five-star character, is expected to play a supportive role with a focus on defense. Rumors also suggest the introduction of Firefly, a character designed to deal significant damage and boast immunity to enemy attacks, further expanding the game's dynamic roster.

With each update, Honkai: Star Rail continues to expand its universe, offering players new characters and adventures. As version 2.2 nears, the community eagerly awaits official confirmations and further details on these promising additions.