Shocking Discovery in Red Dead Redemption 2: The Dark Secret of the Chelonian Cult Unveiled!

A player of Red Dead Redemption 2 has unveiled a chilling detail involving the game's Chelonian cult, showcasing the depth of its world-building. This discovery highlights a lesser-known aspect of the game, as interactions with the Chelonians are rare occurrences for most players.

A Reddit user named PotatoCase shared a video that starts with the sniping of the Chelonian cult leader. The aftermath is startling: every cult member rushes to the nearest hill and leaps off, leading to their demise. This behavior is observed in a side quest where the protagonist, Arthur Morgan, must save Mary Linton's brother, Jamie, from the cult's grasp. This mission effectively introduces the Chelonians, but the video offers an additional layer to their characterization.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Chelonian Cult Phenomenon


PotatoCase tried to prevent the Chelonians' mass suicide by reloading the save several times, but to no avail. Despite efforts to incapacitate them non-lethally, the cult members still proceeded to jump, displaying a behavior consistent with their established fanaticism. This incident underlines the game's AI's unpredictability and alignment with the narrative context.

Such discoveries contribute to Red Dead Redemption 2's enduring appeal within the gaming community, keeping the experience fresh across multiple playthroughs. Meanwhile, anticipation for a sequel grows, with players speculating about its direction. Although Arthur Morgan's voice actor has expressed confidence in Red Dead Redemption 3's eventual development, Rockstar Games currently prioritizes Grand Theft Auto 6, suggesting a considerable wait before any potential sequel materializes.