Midas's Golden Comeback: New Legends and Mythic Weapons Unleashed in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2!

Fortnite is gearing up to roll out its inaugural update for Chapter 5 Season 2 shortly, promising players a wealth of new content to dive into. This includes a Midas skin with a mythology twist, a beloved Limited Time Mode (LTM), and an all-new mythical weapon. Originally slated for a March 8 release in the wee hours, unforeseen technical hiccups pushed the launch to later that day, making it March 9 in some regions. Despite the delay, the anticipation was deemed worthwhile by fans, as Fortnite transitioned from its Underground theme to embrace a pantheon of Greek deities in the Myths & Mortals season, drawing heavily on ancient Greek mythology.

The Season 2 update introduces several key locations to the map, such as Grim Gate and The Underground, inspired by the eerie abode of Hades, alongside Mount Olympus and Brawler's Battleground, which mimic the ancient Greek sites of worship and training. Players exploring these Points of Interest (POIs) have the chance to encounter guardians from Olympus, figures lifted straight from Greek myths, who are also available as part of the Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass. Yet, the community is buzzing with anticipation for even more mythologically themed skins to make their appearance in Fortnite.

With Chapter 5 Season 2 now live, the eagerly awaited first update is on the horizon. This update is particularly exciting for fans looking forward to expanding their collection of skins that align with the season's mythological theme. Midas, a character with a notorious reputation in the Fortnite saga since his debut in Chapter 2 Season 2, is poised to make a comeback and command the spotlight with the v29.10 update. Fortnite has announced that Midas will make his return on March 19, following Tuesday's update. Additionally, this update is rumored to introduce the Chains of Hades, a new Mythic weapon, along with the return of The Floor is Lava LTM.


The forthcoming Fortnite update is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19. The inclusion of a new Midas skin has been speculated upon for some time, drawing from his storied connection to Greek mythology. Famous for his Golden Touch – the ability to turn anything he touches into gold – King Midas's tale is a poignant lesson in greed, leading to tragic outcomes such as transforming his beloved daughter, Marigold, into gold. Marigold, also known in Fortnite as the female Midas, is featured in the Golden Touch Quest Pack, where she gains a golden hue as she eliminates competitors. Both skins boast the ability to gold-plate weapons in their inventory. The upcoming update is expected to enhance Midas's legendary Golden Touch ability. Leaks suggest a Midas boss will emerge on the Marigold ship, positioned on the island's western frontier. This hints at a potential return of Marigold's Quest Pack in the Item Shop, given their intertwined fates.