Battlefield 2042 Unleashes Season 7: Urban Combat, New Maps, and Must-Have Weapons Await!

Battlefield 2042 gears up for its next major leap with the introduction of Season 7, set to launch on March 19. After a rocky start in 2021, which positioned it among the year's most challenging releases, Battlefield 2042 has gradually reclaimed its standing through continuous updates, new content, and gameplay enhancements from developer DICE. Now in its fourth year, the game looks to maintain its positive trajectory with Season 7, named Turning Point.

This upcoming season marks a significant shift, showcasing the Haven map set against the backdrop of Chile's Atacama Desert. This new environment moves away from the traditional military and futuristic themes, offering players intense urban combat experiences. Alongside Haven, the Stadium map, a fan favorite from the Hourglass map, makes a return as its standalone battlefield. Season 7 also introduces an arsenal of new weapons, including the AK 5C assault rifle and the SCZ-3 submachine gun, among others. Additionally, players can look forward to the Predator SRAW gadget and the XFAD-4 Draug, a novel remote-controlled aerial bomber.

What to Expect in Season 7:

The season's battle pass teases 30 free rewards, including new weapons, a vehicle, a gadget, and distinctive skins. For those opting for the premium battle pass, an array of 70 rewards awaits, featuring an extensive collection of skins, a seasonal XP boost, and the opportunity to earn Battlefield Currency. The Ultimate Pack offers all premium rewards plus 20-tier skips, promising an enriched gaming experience.

With recent seasons garnering praise for addressing community feedback and enhancing the overall game experience, anticipation for Season 7 is high. Players and fans eagerly await to see if Battlefield 2042's latest update continues to build on the game's resurgence, setting a new benchmark for its future developments.