A Recent Incident in Palworld Sets an Island Ablaze Due to a Game Bug

In the expansive world of Palworld, a player recently stumbled upon an unusual glitch that led to an entire island catching fire, culminating in a game crash. This incident is among the latest in a series of glitches identified by players of Pocketpair's popular open-world survival game, which boasts a roster of 137 "Pals" categorized into nine elemental types. Among these, Fire Pals play a vital role, being indispensable for heating and exploration, particularly in colder regions. A prime example of a Fire Pal is Faleris, resembling an armored falcon, and known for its significance in the game.

A Palworld player, Falisanda_ on Reddit, shared their unexpected ordeal after acquiring a Faleris, only to witness it unintentionally unleash a devastating fire across an entire island. The specifics of how this occurred remain vague, attributed only to a "bugged attack" by the player, who also posted a screenshot showcasing the aftermath. The incident was triggered when the Faleris was mounted, leading to an automatic execution of the fiery assault.


Surprisingly, the magnitude of the blaze and the subsequent environmental and XP calculations overwhelmed the game, causing Falisanda_'s session to crash. The precise attack responsible for this widespread destruction is not clear, as Faleris is capable of several powerful area-of-effect abilities, escalating in intensity with its level. Notably, at level 50, Faleris learns the Fire Ball attack, capable of impacting a large area, yet not to the extent of the damage reported by Falisanda_.

Given that Palworld is still in early access, encountering bugs is not uncommon. However, this particular incident of an entire area being set ablaze and resulting in a game crash is a first of its kind reported publicly. It raises questions about the potential for similar issues with other Fire Pals and their abilities, suggesting that the problem might be broader than just Faleris or its specific skills.