Survival Meets Horror in "Sons of the Forest": A Comprehensive Fishing Guide

"Sons of the Forest" plunges players into a chilling survival horror saga, a decade in the making by Endnight. Fans of the Forest series will relish the terrifying adventure as they build shelters, fend off cannibalistic threats, and delve into the island's eerie mysteries. Key to survival is managing health and stamina, achieved by hunting, farming, or scavenging for food within the forest. Among the simplest sustenance options is fishing, present in nearly all water bodies across the island. This guide offers a detailed look into efficiently catching fish in the game's unforgiving environment.

Mastering the Art of Fishing Without a Rod

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In the absence of a traditional fishing rod, players must resort to constructing fish traps using the game's Building Handbook. Accessible through the inventory or by pressing 'B', the traps are listed under the Traps section, requiring 25 sticks for construction.

To ensure a fruitful catch, players should set their traps in areas where fish visibly populate the waters, such as mountain streams or beach shorelines. Setting up entails placing the build plan in water and supplying the necessary materials. Players can enlist Kelvin's help to collect sticks and complete the trap. Each trap captures fish sequentially, allowing players to store up to three in their inventory at a time.

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Culinary Options for Your Catch

Once caught, fish can be consumed in various forms: raw, cooked, or dried, with each preparation affecting its longevity and benefits. Drying fish on a rack, accessible through the Building Handbook, is the optimal preservation method, extending their shelf life indefinitely while also serving as storage for surplus catches. Both Kelvin and Virginia, your in-game companions, will benefit from stored fish.

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Cooking fish, however, requires a fire and a cooking pot—often found in abandoned campsites. Although cooked fish spoil faster than dried, consuming them grants players a temporary strength buff. Cooking is contingent on having the necessary ingredients; once the cooking pot is placed over a fire, any applicable recipes will be displayed for selection.

Endnight's "Sons of the Forest" offers a harrowing yet engaging survival experience, blending the thrill of horror with the challenge of sustaining life in a hostile environment. With this guide, players are well-equipped to master the waters and secure vital sustenance, a cornerstone of enduring the game's relentless wilderness.