Palworld's Latest Patch Sparks Controversy: An Apology, Boss Captures, and Breeding Changes Unfold

Pocketpair has issued an apology to the Palworld community for fixing a bug in the latest update that previously allowed players to capture Tower Bosses, an exploit many had grown fond of. Despite the update's intention to improve game stability and fix various bugs, this particular fix has disappointed fans who viewed the bug as a challenging yet rewarding aspect of the game.

Released in early access just last month, Palworld quickly saw players showcasing their ability to capture the game's bosses, Zoe and Grizzbolt, online. While this was a glitch, it had become a coveted achievement among players. Although Pocketpair's recent apology for fixing this bug might have been tinged with sarcasm, players can take solace in the fact that any Tower Bosses captured before the update will remain theirs. However, the chances of the developer reverting this fix seem slim.


The patch has stirred controversy not just for its fix on the Tower Boss bug but also for altering Pal breeding mechanics. Previously, players could breed out negative passive traits, but the update made some of these traits inheritable, causing an uproar within the community. Pocketpair has acknowledged the feedback and announced plans to revert this change soon.

Despite these contentious updates, the patch has been beneficial overall, addressing numerous glitches, improving performance, and balancing gameplay. It also introduced backup saves to protect against data loss. Pocketpair is continuing its efforts to refine Palworld, promising future content including new islands, Pals, bosses, and a PvP Pal Arena, although release timelines remain uncertain.