Palworld's Explosive Glitch: Blazehowl Noct Unleashes Devastating 'Nuke' Attack, Dominating Boss Battles!

A Palworld player has uncovered a notable glitch showcasing the potency of a "nuke" attack performed by their Blazehowl Noct, causing substantial damage over a wide area. Despite Palworld's recent release, a few unresolved bugs persist, with this glitch standing out as one of the most impactful.

Since its early access debut in January, Palworld has rapidly garnered a massive gaming community, breaking Steam player count records and steadily gaining a devoted fan base. While some liken the game to "Pokemon with guns," its distinctive features set it apart. The survival game boasts an impressive building and crafting system, interactive features with Pals, and four distinct biomes within its expansive open world. While much of the game has been finely tuned, there are still existing glitches that Pocket Pair may address in future updates. One such glitch involves a Palworld player harnessing the power of their Blazehowl Noct to become an exceptionally formidable ally.

A Reddit user named Truht recently shared a video depicting their encounter with a Palworld boss. The clip showcases the player engaging a level 38 Wumpo Botan with the assistance of one of their Pals. After sustaining some attacks from the Boss Pal, the gamer lands on the beach opposite the Wumpo Botan and promptly summons a level 37 Blazehowl Noct. From a distance, they begin firing their crossbow at the Wumpo Botan. Shortly after emerging from its Pal Sphere, the Blazehowl Noct releases a colossal blast, emanating from the ground and engulfing the surroundings, surpassing the height of nearby palm trees.

The Damage Inflicted


Although about an eighth of the Wumpo Botan's health was depleted from earlier attacks, the Blazehowl Noct dealt the majority of the damage. As the blast engulfs the boss Pal, numbers ranging from 166 to 201 rapidly appear on the screen. The Wumpo Botan's 3,157 health rapidly diminishes to zero, causing the game to lag due to the overwhelming damage inflicted by the "nuke." The player attains the first boss kill achievement as the Wumpo Botan is propelled into the air, accompanied by smaller damage values indicating the attack's impact on the surrounding environment. The clip concludes with the Blazehowl Noct returning to its Pal Sphere, leaving behind stacks of Palworld wood generated during the intense battle.

The Future of the Glitch

The method behind Blazehowl Noct's powerful attack remains unclear, making it challenging for fans to replicate Truht's clip. However, with ongoing updates from Pocket Pair, it is likely that this glitch will be addressed and patched out in a future Palworld update.