Unveiling Starfield's Hidden Wonders: Explore Martian Boneyards and Alien Mysteries Beyond the Cosmos!

Starfield players are initially thrust onto the Red Planet, expecting a unique Martian experience, but stumbling upon an eerie boneyard is likely not what most had envisioned. Despite criticisms directed at Starfield's procedural generation, it occasionally surprises with intriguing alien landscapes. Planets like Muphrid I stand out for their distinctive textures, but the real impact often comes from discovering a Planet Trait while scanning worlds during exploration in the Settled Systems.

Planet Traits play a crucial role in completing surveys in Starfield, allowing players to earn extra credits at the start of a new playthrough. While the utility of selling survey data diminishes over time, encountering a Planet Trait in the form of a unique geographical feature continues to evoke a sense of wonder. Interestingly, these features may not always be tied to Planet Traits, as evidenced by a player who found a stone arch reminiscent of Solitude, the capital city of Skyrim.

In a similar vein, a player named HeftyPackage stumbled upon a chilling pile of desiccated bones on the surface of Mars, sharing their discovery with the Starfield community on Reddit. Multiple players have reported finding this landmark on Mars and Jemison, suggesting that its spawn rate was intentionally set by Bethesda rather than being a result of procedural generation alone. Alongside the boneyard, HeftyPackage also encountered what appeared to be human skulls embedded in a rock formation, raising more questions than Starfield seems capable of answering.


Despite a mixed rating on Steam, with only 40% positive reviews in the past 30 days, Starfield still manages to pleasantly surprise its fanbase. While execution may be a point of contention, many argue that the game's foundation provides ample room for growth. Bethesda plans to release official modding tools in early 2024, coinciding with the debut of paid mods through the new Creations platform. This move aims to address some of the major complaints from the Starfield community.

In addition to Creations, the upcoming content expansion, Shattered Space, holds promise for Starfield. Set to launch in early 2024, Bethesda has been tight-lipped about details, sparking speculation that it may focus on House Va'ruun, a mysterious power in the Settled Systems with a minor presence in the base game. Given the boneyard's peculiarly serpentine skeleton, a potential connection to House Va'ruun cannot be dismissed.