Unveiling Power: Genshin Impact's Xianyun Emerges with a Unique Catalyst Weapon in Version 4.4!

Genshin Impact unveils a new Catalyst weapon set to become Xianyun's signature as she joins the playable roster in version 4.4. In an exclusive trailer dedicated to Xianyun, players catch a glimpse of the upcoming five-star character and hints about her connection with Ganyu. The video reveals that Xianyun used to watch over baby Ganyu, presenting her with miniature toys as gifts.

Version 4.4 of Genshin Impact promises Xianyun and Gaming as the featured units in the upcoming event banner, accompanied by alternative skins for Shenhe and Ganyu. As is customary, a story quest for the main protagonist, Xianyun, will provide deeper insights into her background. The highly anticipated Lantern Rite event will take center stage, offering players daily login rewards and a complimentary Liyue-based character. Additionally, the annual event will include a new skin for Xingqiu.

The signature weapon for Xianyun has been revealed as the five-star Catalyst, "Crane's Echoing Call," set to debut in version 4.4. This weapon's passive ability boosts the plunging attack damage of all team members, aligning perfectly with Xianyun's focus on plunging attacks in her elemental burst and passive abilities. Crane's Echoing Call, requiring Feathery Fin, Mist Veiled Lead Elixir, and Divining Scroll materials for upgrades, not only grants a 16.5% ATK bonus to the equipped character but also offers energy regeneration when party members execute plunging attacks. Importantly, this Catalyst weapon will be an event-exclusive item available for acquisition until the subsequent version.


Xianyun, presented as a five-star support character in Genshin Impact, emphasizes augmenting party members' damage rather than providing shielding. The Anemo-based Catalyst user is anticipated to deliver substantial AoE damage and offer healing to nearby allies through her ultimate ability. Additionally, one of her passives enhances the gliding speed of active party members, facilitating faster travel across regions.

In version 4.4, Genshin Impact expands its map with Chenyu Vale, a new location situated in the northwest of Liyue. While smaller than Teyvat's seven regions, Chenyu Vale boasts diverse natural landscapes, including rivers, mountains, and caves. Leaks suggest that Chenyu Vale will introduce a new world boss named Solitary Suanni.