Unleashing Destruction: How to Secure the Anvil Rocket Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1!

Fortnite is renowned for its dynamic weapon roster that undergoes constant vaulting and unvaulting in each Battle Royale season. With the latest update 28.10, Epic Games has reintroduced several items into the game, notably the Lock On Pistol and the Anvil Rocket Launcher. The Anvil Launcher, making a comeback from its initial appearance in Chapter 3, Season 2, is a powerful projectile that wreaks havoc upon deployment, causing widespread destruction by obliterating vehicles, structures, and nearby enemy players.

Unleashing Destruction: How to Secure the Anvil Rocket Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1! 1

Locating the Anvil Rocket Launcher in Chapter 5, Season 1 poses a challenge, as its spawns during a match are limited. A reliable method to secure this formidable weapon is to purchase it from Mecha Team Shadow for 250 gold bars. Mecha Team Shadow can be found on the train station situated north of Pleasant Pizza. Landing on the marked location at the beginning of the match provides an opportunity to swiftly locate Mecha Team Shadow, but players should exercise caution, as the area may attract opponents vying for the coveted launcher.

Alternatively, players can discover the Anvil Rocket Launcher in both rare and regular weapon chests scattered across the map. Optimal locations for searching include high points of interest like Lavish Lair, Grand Glacier, Fencing Fields, and Snoopy Steppes. These regions stand out as prime landing spots in Chapter 5, Season 1, offering top-tier weapons, including mythic items such as the Anvil Launcher. Drones consistently drop rare and epic items in high POIs, enhancing the chances of stumbling upon this sought-after weapon.

Some resourceful players have acquired the Anvil Rocket Launcher from fallen adversaries, as many seek to possess this prized item. It's crucial to note that the Anvil Rocket Launcher comes in three rarities: rare, epic, and legendary, with higher rarities inflicting greater damage.

Effectively utilizing the Anvil Rocket Launcher involves locking onto an enemy vehicle and launching the rocket, resulting in the vehicle's destruction and the demise of its driver. Notably, the launcher exclusively targets vehicles and cannot be employed for demolishing structures or eliminating ground-based enemies. Additionally, its effectiveness is maximized at longer distances. Firing the rocket at close range may lead to an erratic trajectory, launching into the sky before descending and causing significant self-inflicted damage, potentially leading to reduced health or even demise.