Fortnite Unleashes LEGO Mode Magic: Crafting with Sand and Glass!

The recent v28.30 update in Fortnite has introduced an exciting LEGO mode expansion, featuring new crafting materials like sand and glass, alongside other intriguing items such as the compass and spyglass. The addition that stole the show, however, was the fishing mechanics. For those curious about acquiring sand and glass in the LEGO Fortnite universe, here's a detailed guide.

Acquiring Sand & Glass in Fortnite

Fortnite Unleashes LEGO Mode Magic: Crafting with Sand and Glass! 1

Finding Sand:

To collect sand, players should explore the game's sandy biomes, particularly the Dry Valley or beach areas. With a shovel in hand, obtained either directly or crafted using three wooden rods and one plank at a Crafting Bench, players can dig up sand. The yield of sand varies with the shovel's rarity:

An upgraded shovel is recommended to maximize sand collection.

Creating Glass:

Glass requires a bit more effort. Firstly, constructing a Metal Smelter is essential, necessitating 15 Brightcore, 35 Obsidian Slab, and 3 Blast Core. With the Metal Smelter ready, combining 2 sand and 1 Brightcore produces 1 glass. Brightcore is found in the Lava caves located in the Dry Valley, accessible with a rare pickaxe.

Uses of Sand & Glass

Initially, sand's primary function is to create glass. Glass, however, plays a crucial role in crafting both the compass and the spyglass. While the compass helps locate village markers, the spyglass allows players to identify distant items on the ground, offering strategic advantages in various gameplay scenarios.

This update significantly enhances the crafting and exploration aspects of Fortnite's LEGO mode, encouraging players to engage with the environment and utilize their resources wisely.