Ubisoft predicts the onset of a cloud-based future and urges people to refrain from the desire to own games

Head of Subscriptions at Ubisoft, Philippe Tremble, expressed confidence in the inevitable era of cloud services and urged gamers to reconsider their preferences regarding game ownership. In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, he emphasized that the desire to own games is hindering the popularity of subscription models.

Tremble drew parallels with the music and film industries, where subscriptions have long become dominant distribution formats. In the gaming industry, this transition is happening more slowly as many players still prefer purchasing games, fearing the loss of access in the future.

The Director of Subscriptions highlighted that this shift in trend is happening gradually, and the gaming community is slowly adapting to the convenience of digital services. Tremble asserts that subscription services have enormous potential for growth and comfortable interaction with digital game collections.

He also noted that the company expected a faster adoption of the cloud distribution model, but acknowledged that changes are occurring not as rapidly as initially thought. Nevertheless, Ubisoft remains confident in the future of cloud services and continues to develop partnerships in this area.