The rumor suggests that the storyline in Grand Theft Auto VI will be approximately as lengthy as it was in the fifth installment of the game

The announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI was limited to just a debut trailer, but recent rumors might have revealed information about the length of the main storyline.

According to the latest information, the next installment of GTA will offer about 35-40 hours of story content.

This information was disclosed by the blogger LegacyKillaHD, stating that based on their sources from last year, GTA VI won't be as lengthy as Red Dead Redemption II.

Comparing these figures with previous parts of GTA, the sixth installment roughly aligns with them. For instance, completing the storyline of Grand Theft Auto V typically took around 30 hours, but considering side missions and thorough exploration, the gameplay duration significantly increased. Similar dynamics are expected in the new game.