Mojang Unveils Exciting Changes to Armadillo Mob's Eye Position, Delighting Minecraft Enthusiasts

Minecraft Live 2023 brought forth the eagerly anticipated armadillo mob, which won the hearts of players in a mob vote against contenders like the penguin and crab. While initially celebrated for its charming rectangular design, the community expressed concerns about the eye placement when the mob entered testing. In response to player feedback, Mojang has announced a significant update, set to debut in 2024, addressing the eye positioning on the armadillo.

Following the release of the initial snapshot and beta featuring the armadillo, social media buzzed with fans expressing their discomfort with the eyes' front-facing placement. Responding to this sentiment, Mojang acknowledged the community's input on Twitter, assuring players that a "new iteration" of the armadillo's design would be introduced in upcoming snapshots and betas. A shared screenshot depicted the mob with its black dot eyes returned to their original side position, a change welcomed by the majority of the community.


The positive response was evident, with over 13,000 users liking Mojang's announcement on Twitter. Reddit discussions further elaborated on why the altered eye placement better suited the armadillo. Some users highlighted that front-facing eyes are characteristic of predators, contrasting with the armadillo's passive nature. Others simply expressed that the new look enhanced the mob's cuteness factor.


While the focus has primarily been on the eye adjustment, some in the Minecraft community have voiced additional concerns about wolf armor, particularly its appearance in the game. Criticisms center around the orientation of the knee pads, which some players feel are facing the wrong way. Notably, wolf armor is crafted from scutes dropped by armadillos, a likely factor contributing to the mob's victory in the 2023 mob vote.

As the community eagerly anticipates the 2024 update for the armadillo, there is speculation about potential adjustments to wolf armor in future snapshots and betas. Mojang's swift response to player feedback on the armadillo suggests a willingness to address community concerns promptly, leaving Minecraft enthusiasts intrigued about what the future holds for testing and updates.