The head of Square Enix stated that the company will actively implement artificial intelligence

Kiryu, who assumed leadership of Final Fantasy in June 2023, shared strategic insights in the company's customary New Year's letter from the president.

In the letter, Kiryu detailed the actions taken since taking office, emphasizing the assessment of games in development and expediting resource allocation to internal teams. He highlighted Square Enix's active efforts to boost knowledge sharing for streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, fostering closer collaboration between content and publishing divisions.

The central theme of the letter focused on the president's ambitious plans regarding artificial intelligence.

"We plan to actively employ artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies in both content development and publishing functions," he stated.

"Our immediate goal is to enhance development productivity and refine marketing strategies. In the long run, we aim to harness these technologies to innovate content creation, recognizing the business opportunities presented by technological advancements."

Kiryu also acknowledged the impact of generative AIs like ChatGPT, recognizing their rapid advancements in images, videos, and music.

"I firmly believe that generative AI can not only change what we create but also revolutionize creation processes, including programming," he commented.

While specifics about AI utilization in game development weren't disclosed, a co-founder of Final Fantasy 7 Remake previously discussed the creation of an AI-based tool for character animation and speech synchronization.

Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix's former president, underscored the importance of blockchain technology in last year's letter. Kiryu affirmed in the latest letter the company's ongoing support for these initiatives.

In November, Xbox revealed a strategic partnership with Inworld to develop extensive AI tools for dialogue and storytelling. These tools aim to offer a versatile and accessible AI toolkit, empowering creators in dialogue, narrative, and quest design.

During the Wells Fargo TMT Summit, Xbox's CFO, Tim Stuart, elaborated, "Imagine the millions of dollars spent on game localization, scripts, guiding players from point A to B, non-player character dialogues.

"AI can manage all of this. Instead of coding thousands of lines to navigate from A to B, you simply leverage AI. Localization, translation into various languages—it's all achievable.

"AI can run millions of tests in Minecraft, identifying player choke points, purchase preferences, and level analysis. It's a game-changer for game development."