Kingdom Hearts Series Set to Launch on Steam in June: What This Means for Square Enix's Strategy!

Kingdom Hearts is set to expand its reach by launching on Steam in June, fulfilling a long-standing desire among fans for the series to be available on multiple platforms. Historically, some of the most significant entries in the series were confined to older consoles like the PS2. The move to PC began in 2021 with a release on the Epic Games Store, followed by cloud versions for the Nintendo Switch in 2022 to commemorate the series' anniversary.

Recently, there has been buzz about the next installment, Kingdom Hearts 4, which was officially teased in an announcement trailer in April 2022. A well-known leaker, Daniel Ritchtman, has suggested a 2025 release date for Kingdom Hearts 4, sparking excitement among fans, especially since the trailer hinted that development might be more advanced than previously thought.


The announcement that the Kingdom Hearts series, including HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Kingdom Hearts 3, and its Re Mind DLC, will be available on Steam starting June 13 was made via social media. This decision aligns with Square Enix's aggressive push for a multiplatform strategy and caters to the preference of many gamers who favor Steam over other platforms like the Epic Games Store.

While fans are thrilled about the series' availability on new platforms, there remains a concern about the current and future status of the Kingdom Hearts series, particularly the fourth installment. Updates have been limited since the initial trailer, and fans recall the lengthy 14-year gap between previous numbered releases, hoping not to endure a similar wait.

The transition to Steam might reflect broader strategic changes at Square Enix. Following reports of underperformance by other titles like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Square Enix is reportedly reconsidering its approach to game production and sales. This restructuring, combined with its commitment to releasing games across multiple platforms, suggests that Kingdom Hearts 4 could potentially launch on even more platforms, including a rumored successor to the Nintendo Switch. This strategy indicates Square Enix's cautious yet hopeful outlook towards future releases.