Sergey Galyunkin has been appointed as the Senior Vice President of Publishing at Build A Rocket Boy

Sergey Galyonkin, the creator of SteamSpy, has joined Build A Rocket Boy studio as the Senior Vice President of Publishing. He announced this on his social media.


Currently, Build A Rocket Boy is working on several ambitious projects, including the virtual platform EVERYWHERE. The main goal of this platform is to provide gamers with advanced tools to create their own games across various genres. EVERYWHERE is positioned as a "killer" of Fortnite and Roblox, allowing participants to engage in endless activities and create their own games.

EVERYWHERE promises a unique experience by offering creative tools in various genres, which, according to Leslie Benzies, the game director of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, is currently lacking in the market.

Build A Rocket Boy also plans to release high-budget AAA-class projects within the EVERYWHERE framework. One of the first such projects will be the narrative adventure action game MindsEye, promising to immerse players in a world of futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories, and new technologies.

According to statements, over time, developers plan to transfer all developments related to MindsEye, including the source code, to the EVERYWHERE community so that they can use them to create their own games.

Sergey Galyonkin joined Build A Rocket Boy after leaving Epic Games, where he held the position of Director of Publishing Strategy since 2017 and played a key role in launching the Epic Games Store.

It is important to note that Build A Rocket Boy studio successfully secured an additional $110 million in investments for the launch of EVERYWHERE and other projects. Among the studio's partners are NetEase Games, Endeavor Global, Alignment Growth, Woodline Partners LP, and GTAM Partners.