Palworld's Gravity-Defying Victory: Player Takes Down Mammorest Boss in Spectacular Glitch-Fueled Showdown!

In a wild and unconventional move, a Palworld player has managed to defeat the formidable Mammorest boss using a glitch that sent the creature soaring through the air. As Palworld is still in its early access phase, various bugs are being addressed by the development team, but none are as entertaining and absurd as these unexpected character-launching exploits.

Despite its recent release, Palworld has experienced a highly eventful launch, breaking sales records and simultaneously navigating through multiple controversies. Notably, The Pokemon Company issued a statement investigating potential intellectual property infringement due to the striking similarities between the two franchises. However, Palworld has continued to gain momentum, captivating the gaming world with millions of players exploring its open-world environment and sharing impressive builds and exploits within the community.

Palworld Player Unleashes Chaotic Victory Over Mammorest Boss Through Glitch

A Reddit user, Nevanada, has shared a captivating Palworld clip featuring a player who defeated the Mammorest boss in an utterly ridiculous manner. Instead of engaging in a conventional battle, the player exploited a glitch that propelled both the Pal and the boss into the air. The glitch involves standing on top of a sphere while capturing a Pal, resulting in anything atop the sphere being launched skyward upon a successful capture. By strategically luring the Mammorest onto the sphere, this player achieved a one-hit victory, exploiting fall damage to overcome the boss.


Another noteworthy glitch in Palworld allows players to capture bosses in a single move, providing a unique strategy for defeating powerful adversaries. Despite being under-leveled for the Mammorest encounter, the player's clever use of glitches leveled the playing field, as the fall damage proved too much for the formidable boss to withstand.

As January 2024 unfolds with notable game releases such as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, Tekken 8, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Palworld has remarkably dominated industry discussions. The game's unexpected success is steering the conversation, and according to the Palworld future content roadmap, players can anticipate even more excitement. With ongoing early access, forthcoming updates promise new pals, islands, bosses, PvP, and crossplay, ensuring Palworld's expansion and enhancement in the gaming landscape.