NVIDIA showcases the updated version of Half-Life 2 from the enthusiast team Orbifold Studios — gameplay footage of the mod has been revealed

At the CES 2024, a remastered version of Half-Life 2 was showcased, developed by Orbifold Studios. NVIDIA introduced state-of-the-art technologies for this 2004 shooter, including ray tracing, DLSS 3.5, Reflex, and RTX IO.

The showcased video from the company presents enhanced gameplay of the game named Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project. This project is being developed using the NVIDIA RTX Remix platform, capable of modernizing games built on DirectX 8 and DirectX 9.

The announcement for the updated version of Half-Life 2 was made in August 2023. There is no specific information on the full release date of the remaster as it is in its early stages of development.