Insomniac responds to the initial instance of the 'very worrying' data breach

Insomniac Studios faced a severe cyberattack resulting in over 1.3 million stolen files, totaling 1.67 terabytes, being published on Tuesday. These files contained information about the company's upcoming projects and confidential employee data.

For the first time since the incident, the studio officially spoke out, expressing gratitude for the community's sympathy and support. They acknowledged that the attack posed a significant challenge for their development team and encouraged mutual support during this challenging time.


Insomniac also disclosed that the stolen data included personal employee information and details regarding the early development stage of Marvel's Wolverine for PlayStation 5. Efforts are underway to assess the extent of the compromised data.

The company expressed deep regret over the incident and emphasized their commitment to continue developing Marvel's Wolverine. They pledged to share official project information at the appropriate time and expressed gratitude for the support during this difficult period.

Earlier, a hacker group had threatened to release the stolen data within seven days, initially offering it at auction for a starting price of 50 bitcoins. However, without awaiting the outcome, they purportedly released approximately 98% of the stolen information.