Honkai Star Rail Update 2.0 Leak Unveils Exciting Returns: Jing Yuan Rerun and Chinese New Year-Themed Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae!

A recent leak for Honkai Star Rail hints at the return of Jing Yuan in the first phase of version 2.0. As details surrounding the update surfaced in the past few days, it is suggested that Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae will be featured in a rerun banner, aligning with the Chinese New Year celebration themed as the Year of the Wooden Dragon.

Honkai Star Rail typically introduces warp events in each update, providing players with opportunities to acquire new characters and reruns. These events offer an increased chance to obtain top-tier units and their signature weapons compared to the permanent banner. The game's dynamic character pool allows players to build versatile teams for endgame content, emphasizing that limited-time events are not the sole method to unlock banners. Trailblazers can progress through the story and open chests to obtain free units.

According to a leak from the Tieba forum, version 2.0 of Honkai Star Rail is expected to bring Jing Yuan's rerun banner in the initial phase, featuring him in a warp event alongside the Penacony-based unit Black Swan. The leak also suggests that the second part of 2.0 will introduce two five-star characters, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae and Sparkle. However, players are advised to approach this information cautiously until HoYoverse officially confirms the banner order.


The Tieba leak proposes that Aventurine and Sam will make an appearance in version 2.1, set to release in March. There is a possibility that they might have their own banner in the upcoming update.

Jing Yuan, a five-star Lightning character, is known for a skill set centered around building up stacks and executing follow-up attacks. While delivering substantial multi-target AoE damage, Jing Yuan lacks defensive abilities, making him best utilized with support units. His Eidolons contribute to energy regeneration, enemy vulnerability, and a significant boost in overall damage.

The special program for Honkai Star Rail's update 2.0, scheduled for release on January 26, is expected to unveil all details, including characters and events. Players can redeem gift codes by watching the live stream, earning Stellar Jades. Following the update's release in February, compensation rewards for server downtime are likely to be distributed to players.