Genshin Impact Unveils Exciting Liyue Additions: Cloud Retainer and Chenyu Vale in Version 4.4

Genshin Impact has unveiled two upcoming Liyue characters set to make their playable debut in Version 4.4, with Cloud Retainer being one of them. The Lantern Rite is always an eagerly anticipated event in Genshin Impact, and the upcoming Version 4.4 promises to be its most impressive iteration yet. This update not only introduces Cloud Retainer, a beloved character since Version 1.0, but also opens the long-awaited Chenyu Vale for exploration.

Chenyu Vale is the next Liyue zone following The Chasm in Version 2.6, and it appears to connect Mondstadt, Fontaine, and Liyue. This development sets the stage for the rumored Remuria zone to possibly launch in Version 4.6, as Genshin Impact gradually prepares for Natlan's introduction.

Version 4.4 of Genshin Impact will see the addition of Xianyun and Gaming to the character roster. Xianyun, a 5-star Anemo user, has been frequently leaked since Fontaine's opening, and HoYoverse has now confirmed her arrival. Gaming, a 4-star Pyro character, is anticipated to wield a sword, resembling the previously leaked character Jiaming or "Lion Dance Boy."


Gaming, also known as the Leonine Vanguard, is the Liyue counterpart to Dehya, a fearless mercenary character with a Lion theme and a Pyro Vision. Xianyun, on the other hand, seems to be Cloud Retainer's incognito identity in Liyue Harbor, where she immerses herself in mortal society by posing as an artisan.

Before these characters debut in Version 4.4, players have an opportunity to save up Primogems during a quieter update focused on quality-of-life features. However, the Event Banners in Version 4.3 of Genshin Impact are noteworthy, with Navia offering an alternative to Geo Claymore gameplay. Additionally, players can wish for Ayaka, one of the game's strongest DPS characters, and Raiden Shogun, a permanent fixture in many Genshin Impact team compositions. While Version 4.4 is expected in February 2024, prudent Primogem management is advised for those eager to summon Cloud Retainer to their party.