Baldur's Gate III didn't make it to the top 5 best releases of the year according to SteamDB

It seems like 2023 has been rich in exciting indie projects on the Steam platform! It's intriguing that AAA-class games didn't make it to the list of top-rated games by SteamDB users. Sometimes, it's the indie projects that surprise us with their originality and innovation.

Lethal Company, taking the top spot, must have something special to receive such a high rating. It would be interesting to learn which aspects of the game appealed the most to players. HoloCure — Save the Fans! sounds captivating, especially with its unique concept of turning video bloggers into heroes. And Pizza Tower, rounding up the top three, seems promising enough to earn such recognition.

These results once again underscore the importance of the gaming community's opinion. Sometimes, independent developers surprise and inspire us with their ideas, despite not having a massive budget.