The trailer for the fan-made project Unreal Redux showcased intense battles and impressive graphics

This year, the shooter Unreal celebrated a memorable milestone - 25 years since its release. To commemorate this event, enthusiast Krull0r has unveiled a fresh trailer for his project, aimed at reviving the game.

The author refers to his work as Unreal Redux, a remake that will maintain the stylistic and gameplay balance of the original game while significantly enhancing compatibility with modern systems. Enhanced physics utilizing Nvidia PhysX technology is also promised. The character will gain new abilities to interact with the world, such as interacting with defeated enemy bodies.

Players can expect notable changes in graphics. Enemy projectiles, weapons, and explosions will feature new effects. Additionally, new sounds will be added, including footsteps on various surfaces. It is noted that the project is being developed on the Unreal Engine 1 with the help of a major patch.

Despite the fact that work on Unreal Redux has been ongoing for over five years, there is currently no information regarding the exact release date of the modification. We previously reported on the Unreal remake using Unreal Engine 4.