The game called 'Mouse' is a first-person shooter created with vintage Disney animation style in mind

Cuphead is not the only game relying on vintage animation to capture your attention. Fumi Games has unveiled Mouse, a first-person shooter that mimics the "rubber hose" drawing style of 1930s cartoons from Disney and other studios. You assume the role of a private detective who must blast his way through waves of mobster mice while unraveling a "web of deceit and murder." The result is both charming and disturbing, as criminals' heads pop like balloons and explosions reduce your opponents to ashes.

Fumi Games isn't solely relying on nostalgia with Mouse. The game offers flexibility in gameplay. You can charge in with guns blazing, but you can also dodge around or carefully plan your approach. The "Fantastic-o-Matic" upgrade system allows you to enhance preferred abilities and weapons through vending machines similar to those in Bioshock. Safecracking is also among the activities you can expect.

Clearly, there is still a lot of work ahead. Fumi Games has not shared a release date, and early footage reveals basic maps and gameplay mechanics. Nevertheless, Mouse shows promise. Like Cuphead, its artwork offers a refreshing departure from the typical realism or modern cartoon aesthetics seen in games like Fortnite or Valorant. The question remains whether the gameplay will be strong enough to maintain your interest once the novelty wears off.