Tekken 8 will feature the comeback of a character from Tekken 3, along with the inclusion of a character who made their debut in an add-on

After the announcement of Tekken 8 on Sony's State of Play stream in 2022, numerous details about the fighters became known to the fans. Enthusiastic fans were delighted to learn about the return of their beloved characters, including Jun Kazama, Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, and other renowned heroes. It is worth noting that dependable Paul, who has been present in all Tekken games since the very beginning, is also making a comeback, despite aging over the years and his hair no longer resembling a pipe.

It comes as no surprise that the latest announced fighter, Hwoarang, known as the "Bloody Claw," confidently showcases his skills in a promotional trailer on a motorcycle. Hwoarang has appeared in every Tekken game since his debut in Tekken 3, and his rivalry with Jin Kazama has evolved throughout the entire series. This Tae Kwon Do fighter, donning a traditional Korean dobok, specializes in powerful kicks, embodying some techniques of his old mentor, Baek Doo San.

The character unveiled before Hwoarang was Lili (opens in a new tab), also known as Emilie De Rochefort, who made her debut in the Dark Resurrection update of Tekken 5. Emilie is an heiress from Monaco who speaks French and engages in street fights as a hobby. Her fighting style is focused more on range than speed, and she possesses a powerful strike and adept evasive maneuvers akin to graceful movements. By the way, it seems she now owns a cat. Of course, it's a Siamese.

Here is the complete list of Tekken 8 characters revealed so far. While the upcoming King of Iron Fist tournament appears to emphasize the return of familiar characters, it's possible that new blood is being saved for later. Other known details include Tekken 8 being the first game in the series to feature crossplay and a new battle system. This system grants each fighter a Recoverable Gauge, allowing them to regain health by launching attacks, and a Heat System that temporarily enhances their abilities.