Krafton has reported on the achievements of PUBG but did not mention The Callisto Protocol

Krafton has published a report on its financial results for the first quarter of 2023 and shared its plans for the future. During the reporting period, the company increased its total revenue by 3%, reaching $410 million. In the coming years, the company intends to release more than 24 different projects, including the next installment of the game Subnautica.

Revenue from PUBG: Battlegrounds on consoles and PCs increased by 70% compared to the previous year, with the PC version of the game generating the most profit in the quarter. However, The Callisto Protocol was not mentioned in the report, which may indicate that the horror game did not achieve the expected success.

Additionally, Krafton plans to make small investments in two American development studios, whose work will be completed in May. The company also plans to invest in artificial intelligence, which will help in the development of key components and content for open-world games.