Star Citizen raises $500,000,000 through crowdfunding

On the official website of Cloud Imperium Games, information has appeared about the success of raising funds through crowdfunding. According to their statements, the fans were able to jointly overcome the mark of $500,000,000 in funds raised for the game Star Citizen. The latter is still in development at the alpha stage and, apparently, has no plans to approach its completion yet.

Such a phenomenon in the gaming industry, to put it mildly, is not very common, since the announcement of the game took place back in 2012, while preparations for development have been carried out since 2010. Even though the game has been in development for 10 years and is in alpha, fans can already try out some of the content that is available to them.

For now, gamers can simply travel to some locations, as well as participate in small brawls, and they also have access to a hangar and a store. The developers said earlier that they want to create new content and not be limited to conventional flights in space. For this reason, they are already working on the creation of caves, and the latter should appear in the 3.18 alpha build.