Epic Games denies all allegations of cheating

Fortnite developer Epic Games has unequivocally denied accusations of "unethical behavior" after documents surfaced alleging that professional players pay to have their opponents banned and pay to not get banned.

Fortnite, despite its overwhelming success and longevity, has had its fair share of cheating issues. Cheating issues have even made their way into the professional scene, with high-profile bans garnering a lot of attention in the past.

A recent example was Swiss professional player Noahreyli, who received a permanent ban back in May. However, the punishment was quickly canceled, but this case perfectly demonstrates that no one is immune from accusations.

Well, more recently, the community was embroiled in a scandal related to the fact that professional players allegedly paid employees of Epic Games for illegally blocking opponents and removing the ban from those who were found guilty of cheating.

In a new 63-page document with many screenshots from Discord and Twitter, Epic Games staff reveals illegal bans and sanctions against a number of European players. On September 10, a post posted by CatGamerOP quickly caught the attention of social media, and many fans and players were drawn to the allegations.

However, it prompted an equally quick response from Epic Games, whose Fortnite Competitive account stated: "These allegations are unambiguously false. We take any allegations of unethical behavior seriously and have investigated these allegations internally through our threat intelligence and competitive teams. We We fully support our team's hard work in ensuring player integrity."

It remains to be seen how such a document came into the public eye at all. However, Epic Games' quick response made it clear that the company is interested in regulating the situation.